CoCo d.e. all stars 1st Digital Single「ここにいる」Newアレンジ ver. 配信開始 & MV(Full ver.)解禁!

2021年8月24日(火) “CoCo d.e. all stars”による楽曲「ここにいる」Newアレンジver.を、


iTunes Store、レコチョク等主要配信ストア及び Apple Music、Spotify、LINE MUSIC、Spotify、AWAなど、


障がい者・難病者18名からなるスペシャルユニット “CoCo d.e. all stars”


New arranged version of f the song “I’m here” by “CoCo d.e. all stars” has been released on major distribution stores today, on 8/24/2021

The song will be available at major distribution stores such as iTunes Store and Recochoku, and major streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, LINE MUSIC, Spotify, and AWA

Special unit “CoCo d.e. all stars” consisting of 18 people with disabilities and intractable diseases

Released today on the Paralympic opening ceremony day, 8/24/2021, in a sense of supporting the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics



アーティスト:CoCo d.e. all stars

作詞:CoCo d.e. all stars


レーベル:Challenged BOOK

また、同時にMV(Full ver.)も解禁いたします!

▼Official MV(Full ver.)

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